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I'm hat! The HATsite is a hobby project, as well as an archive of all my creative works, as well as a way for me to share things such as progress or just anything that I find worth talking about.

You can find out more about the webmaster by clicking in the ABOUT ME section.

Hope you enjoy your time here!


January 11. 23 - 6:44 PM
I've joined the Pokéring! With one of my favorite Pokémon! However I don't have much of a place to put it in so... here it goes for now!

December 15. 22 - 3:24 PM
Added the MISC section to the website! It currently doesn't have any pages, but it's there for the time I wanna share something cool that doesn't belong anywhere else in the site!

November 26. 22
Added a new blog on Fallout New Vegas! It's a long one!

October 31. 22 - 7:37 PM
Happy Halloween! I don't celebrate the holiday myself, but I hope you guys have fun with it, I've only updated the ABOUT page a very small bit, in preparation for the Spanish translation.
Sorry I haven't worked much on it, but I've been feeling pretty low for over a month, which made me not want to do anything. :P I'm fine though!

September 13. 22 - 12:24 AM
HATsite 1.2 is almost done!
Due to the english version being pretty much done, I decided to upload all of it at this point. However, currently the spanish translation is unavailable, as that hasn't been completed. Outside of that, no new content has been added beyond a re-doing of the ABOUT ME page and a small overhaul of the ARCHIVE.

August 26. 22 - 12:11 PM
Disabled the site profile for the time being.
I am still working in the refactoring of the site despite my mental state not being the best as of right now.

July 29. 22 - 9:06 PM
Added a couple of new buttons and bookmarks.
This update is mostly because of a brand new spanish translation! The entirety of the site has been fully translated!

July 28. 22
The brand new site layout has been released!
A major overhaul to the entirety of the site, everything has been modified from the ground up
(EDIT: Guestbook link has been added after finding a good site. Feel free to sign!)

What is the webmaster working on?

Currently working on: HATsite 1.2
What I would like to work on: The "Dream Project"

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