(hat-bot, my current sona.)

Female, 18
Gemini ♊
Spanish and English, currently learning Japanese.


Hello there, I am currently known as hat, but plenty know me as Zen, as well as a couple of other names that i either don't use enough or can't really remember.

I've been on the internet for a pretty long while, but this name is relatively recent, just call me hat, Zen, Jillian, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

I am a 18 year old trans girl, video editor, gamedev and most of all an artist, and I have plenty of interests... most related to old videogames or old media in general, this being because they were the kind of media that was the easiest for me to access to, thanks to emulation and archives on YouTube when their copyright system wasn't being abused by everyone and their moms. It was way easier to find anime episodes or soundtracks of entire games, even vids on how to download ROMS of games.

Thanks to this accesibility, I've grown up with titles from the NES to the GBA era, eventually expanding to the SNES, DS, PSP and even PS2 as I got better devices to work with, discovering plenty of fantastic games in each console's library.

(Mega Man 2 was one of those many games I loved when I was younger, other examples include The Christian Whitehead remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Pokémon Ruby, Golden Sun and many others.)

Ever since I was 9. I had a huge liking for video-making as well, so I'd get started on mobile recorded let's plays lost to time, to fully edited videos using the Sony Vegas software, with most of them also being lost media, and while it's been a long time since I left that, I still open up Sony Vegas from time to time to do whatever, and I still remember the techniques I've used so long ago.

When I became 12 my interests started to aim more towards art, more specifically spriting, I'd just mess with any editor I'd find and frankenstein sprites until I got good at it.

(An example of all of my 2018 art.)

(My 2022 art up to August 28. 22.)

I've always wanted to make a videogame, to the point that I'd often mess with Game Maker projects... although that only gave me experience with the engine's interface.

Despite that, I would submit levels to two editions of the Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest, and later I would end up releasing a game for the GBJAM7, and ever since then my ambitions have only grown.

(An example my digital art, made with a recently obtained tablet.)

As of now, interests in drawing and music have appeared, as I've started to learn more about both, though I'm way more experienced with art than I am with music, but I still plan on getting there.

I wouldn't describe myself as a social type, as I haven't been very outgoing in real life as well as being pretty closed online, keeping a lot of personal information private, this being mostly out of comfort and my own security.

The most people will know is my age, or my deadname if they dug deep enough, and I prefer to keep it being the case. In any way, I am not sure about how I or my friends would describe me aside from being very passionate about things.

It probably says something that most of my social experience has been either Discord or going on random chat rooms.

It doesn't help that during my early internet years I'd lie pretty much about everything, making an archive of what I've done in my internet presence pretty difficult.

Moving on, things that I like include:

Retro Media

I've mentioned before how my interests mostly include anything that's older than me, mostly due to accesibility in my early years, however I've grown to love any kind of "retro" media due to not just it's aesthetics, but also the more creative aspect I feel it has. (Not to say modern media is entirely void of creativity.) This love has grown to the point that even the aesthetic of this site is heavily inspired by sites that are inspired BY 90's websites.
Not just videogames fit this quota, anime (one of my favorite anime series is from 1989 for example), series, or even old technology intrigue me to the point that I even own a 2002 CRT Monitor (which is sadly busted and can't be used.) as decoration for my room.


I genuinely enjoy making things, be it art, videos, or even this entire website, putting as much effort as possible on making sure things work. Putting some "soul" into it.
I also heavily enjoy other's creations, seeing art, games, music, websites created by independent artists and devs, with the passion these creators usually put into them being enormous and fascinating, it's great to see how every person handles it's own creation, making things that only they could have executed the way they did.

Those creators usually inspire me to make my own things, and for that I'm very grateful.

I see these mediums as an art and I take this art rather seriously, finding great things about the things that I see. (For example, UNDERTALE being the game that showed me how videogames can be an art, or how OneShot showed me that playing with the fourth wall can make for an excellent story.)


Due to my limited resources, I can't really do much when it comes to collecting physical items (although I have a lighter collection.), so at most I like to obtain virtual items, it's satisfactory to have an organized virtual collection of whatever files I feel like hoarding.

If there is anything I'd like to collect, it would either be obscure game or anime stuff, with things that I'd like to get including a Famicom with a copy of 星をみるひと (Stargazer), the lain BOOTLEG disc, a physical copy of Plants vs Zombies that has the Michael Jackson portrayal, or a Zeebo console.

Some of my favorite videogames of all time include:

Anime-wise, some of my likes are:

Not a lot I can say other that I've been learning japanese since a couple of months ago, all so I can play a certain samurai game that was never localized... (Damn you SEGA.)

Not sure what else should I put, so I feel it's best to end it here for now. Enjoy your time on the site, and thank you so much for reading this!