Here's a bunch of sites and interesting programs I found while looking online.

All of these links should be safe, as I've used them myself without issue, in the case there's any malware on these, please message me.



A FANDOM mirror that makes FANDOM pages actually readable. (Fuck FANDOM.)


Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest

A series of fan-made Mega Man Level contests, with currently 4 games. And a fifth-one in development.


Furnace Tracker

An in-development open source multi-system chiptune tracker compatible with DefleMask files.


An in-development open source YM2608 chip music tracker, chip used in the NEC PC-8801/9801 series computers.

The Unofficial Homestuck Collection

Viz Media did an awful job at preserving Homestuck post-flash's death. This is pretty much the only way to read Homestuck correctly.