This site is where you'll see me the most. But you can find my works in the following sites as well. Pillowfort Newgrounds Tumblr Tumblr (Art Only) Cohost Toyhouse

Keep in mind, I am not active in all of these platforms and might not respond quickly should I be sent a message in them, however it is pretty much the only choice I have, unless you have my Discord, which I wish not to share. You may be able to find me in specific forums or discord servers as well.

F.A.Q (Please read before contacting me.)

1) What do you use to create your work?

- Aseprite (Spriting and Drawing)
- Notepad++ (Text and Site Editing)

2) Why do you have so many aliases?

- I like to have a small divide with what I do. As different aliases fit different things better, there's also the fact that I don't like having all of them associated with each other. So it's a both a mix of utility and comfort.

3) Can I use/remix anything that you make?

- I'd be more than glad to see you use what I am making. Especially in terms of remixing it into something else, so long as you both credit me and not use it for commercial use, then sure, go nuts!

4) Do you wanna work on a project of mine?

- No. For the time being, I prefer to work on my own projects. Thank you for the consideration, though. For all I know I could be working on something right now. ;)